The Speaking Revolution Online Course  

Speaking With Confidence And Impact 
Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Become more confident 
more consistently 

Cultivate a supportive mindset 

Nail that presentation, 
video, pitch, team meeting  or client call

Speak with conviction to capture attention 

Get your message across clearly and concisely

Give an authentic performance that shows who you truly are

Be more memorable every 
time you speak

What they say...

Vicky Ethrington , Website Creation Coach
The Website Mentor 

Melanie Coeshott, Career Coach
Blue Diamond 

The Speaking Revolution Online Course 

Helps take the pressure off yourself using an unheard of mindset shift

Gives you a simple metric system to assess your own speaking skills

Supports you to find the right energy to speak with, ensuring you engage your audience every time

Uncovers the right speed to speak so your audience understands and processes every word you say

Helps you find an engaging tone of voice so you instantly capture attention

Shows you how to connect authentically with your audience and feel more alive when sharing your message

​Gives you the ability the use gestures and facial expressions that skyrocket the clarity of your message. 

Help you captivate, engage and entertain your audience more consistently

​Shows you how to share complex ideas in a simple and easy to understand way

My name’s Steven Trister. For the last 14 years, as a professional speaking skills trainer and coach, I’ve shared ground breaking tools, techniques and strategies with thousands of people like you to dramatically increase their confidence, improve their impact and be the one that people remember, more consistently when they speak. 

The Speaking Revolution is designed to transform the way you come across every time you speak. It’s based on my 14 year’s experience as a professional comedy actor and it distils down the most impactful tools, techniques and strategies in an easily digestible online course. 

The course supports you to nail that video, talk, presentation, team meeting or client call with just 15 minutes practice a day over a 2 week period. Invest this time in yourself and I guarantee you’ll increase your skills in a big way.  

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The course is delivered in short bite size videos, downloadable MP3’s and PDFs.You can go through the course at your own pace and in your own time.

What they say...

Jeremy Bevan 
Marketing Executive, CMO, Transformational Leader, Coach

Stefania Licari

Course Breakdown

Your Investment

The course is delivered in short and engaging, bite size modules that you can digest at your own pace and in your own time. Your investment for the course is just £99.
What you learn in this course will stay with you for the rest of your entire professional career. The tools are timeless!
The mission of The Speaking Revolution is to support you to speak with confidence and impact. Not only for yourself, but for your audience too.

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